Meet the Support Team

Jaap Marsman

As Support Leader Primary-Secondary my task within the school is to oversee the coordination of support to all our pupils. Together with my enthusiastic team we work hard to help all our pupils receive the attention they need to enable them develop further. The further development and implementation of all policies related to support is another part of my job. This includes leading staff meetings and organising professional development around topics as the Action-Centred Approach (handelingsgericht werken) or Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). In addition to these tasks I also coordinate the support for the Spanish, French and German language sections as well as the support for the Secondary cycle. As confidentiality person staff, parents and pupils can seek me out when needed.


Annemarie Schreuder

Since November 2014 I’ve been the Support Coordinator for the Dutch Language Section. I coordinate and provide support for pupils and staff in the Dutch Language section. This means I provide support for the cognitive development of children as well as their social-emotional development. Based on collected data, assessments and observations for example, I help plan their further development. I have extensive experience in child bereavement support and helping children go through a divorce situation in the family. I always support the pupils in cooperation with the class teacher. Furthermore I contribute to the development of protocols, such as the medical protocol and bereavement protocol. I thoroughly enjoy my job, supporting pupils and staff.


Yasmin Ferrari

I joined the support department in September 2014, previously I was an L2 English teacher within the school. I am the Support Coordinator for the English Language Section. I have many years experience in supporting children whose first language is not English and children who have Specific Learning Difficulties. I carry out assessments and observations and this enables me to coordinate and provide support for pupils and staff.

This means I provide support for the cognitive development of children as well as their social-emotional development. Furthermore, I support class teachers in implementing strategies to best meet pupil’s needs.

Quincy Schoute

I am the Support Teacher for the Dutch Language section and joined the support team this year.I provide help for children who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning. This could be reading, spelling or maths. These children are expected to only need extra help for a certain period of time. I give the support in a small group or one to one in their own classroom, so that individual needs are met. Group and individual education plans are drawn up and their progress is monitored daily. I love supporting each child in their own individual path and am proud to be part of the support department.

Denise Clenton

I have been a member of the support department since September 2013 and teach in the English language section supporting children from P1 to P5 who arrive in our school with little or no English. I carry out EAL assessments and work with the children to develop their knowledge, confidence and competence in basic English.

Children receive EAL support in small groups or on an individual basis with the initial focus on developing their vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. Watching the progress that children make at our school is just one of the many rewards of working with learners for whom English is an additional language.

Anna Henry

My name is Anna Henry and I work as part of the support department during the afternoons. I support children across the school from Nursery to Primary 5. In Nursery, I work with small groups to develop their speaking and listening skills in English. This can involve reading stories, playing games and singing songs all focused on developing vocabulary and communication skills. In Primary, I provide maths support. This can involve working alongside the class teacher to provide support for all areas of maths. I also withdraw small groups, to provide support that focuses on developing and consolidating basic mathematical skills.


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