After school care

After school & holiday care at The European School

For pupils age 4-12 a fun and stimulating after school & holiday care programme is provided on the ESH campus by Zein Child Care, an experienced international childcare provider who was nominated for "Best child care provider in The Netherlands".

After School Care

During all school days children can enjoy the age-appropriate after school care programme (1-5 days a week) as soon as the school day ends. In a relaxed cosy setting, children first enjoy a healthy snack (vegetables, fruits, juices always included) based on Zein Health Menu policy. On Wednesdays warm lunch is provided ( early school dismissal ). After that, the older children have a supervised homework time, Zein provides Dutch homework Support by Native Speakers, while the younger ones have a relaxing quiet time reading books. This is followed by circle time where children share their interesting experiences and the care givers (educators) also explain the different activities the children can choose from (or the children come up with ideas). The activities are both outdoor games and indoor creative arts & crafts based on a monthly educational themed programme. Drinks are provided ongoing throughout the day to ensure regular rehydration as well as fruits and vegetables.

Holiday Care

During all school holidays children can enjoy a fun and exciting 'Holiday Camp' programme (1-5 days a week). The children usually make 2 or more field trips during the week so they don't get bored by staying at the same location. Field trips for all age groups (4-12) can be an educational visit to the museum or animal farm as well as an active day full of skiing or climbing. These field trips are often no longer than 3 hours, for example from 11:00 – 14:00, so it is not too tiring for the children. It is also important to know that all the caregivers receive intensive safety and supervision trainings.


As agreed with ESH, Zein Child Care will open different language groups depending on demand. Initially Zein works with an English group but aims to have groups with other languages, in line with ESH set-up.


A wing on the second floor of the ESH building is furnished and decorated into nice spaces where the children feel at home. Of course the children can also use the outdoor play areas, the gym and the theatre.

Opening hours

Zein After School Care is open 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year (closed on national holidays). Every school day, Zein Child Care opens when the classes end at 15:00 or 12:15 (Wednesday), and closes at 18:30. Holiday care is provided between 8:30 and 18:30.

Registration & prices

Parents can sign up for several options:

- after school care & holiday care

- after school care only

- holiday care only

Prices start at € 7,25 per hour all-inclusive. Working parents receive child care allowance from the Dutch government. Zein has contracted a specialist (DebiCare) who takes care of the application process for the Dutch child care allowance (free of charge for Zein clients).

Please contact Zein Child Care for further information and registration forms: 

or  +31(0)70 326 82 63

The people at Zein will be more than happy to help you!


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