Early Education Curriculum

In Spring 2011 the Early Education Curriculum for the European Schools was approved, which will give you detailed information about the programme. Please view the Early Education Curriculum and the annex to learn more.

Educational trips for the youngest pupils are organised by the school. These trips are always related to projects or themes that are dealt with in the classroom, e.g. a visit to a zoo, the forest, the city or an exhibition. These visits will be selected in consultation with the parents.

Mother tongue tuition is usually offered by means of a continuous learning programme, starting from the nursery and continuing up to the upper secondary school classes. It is important that a good basis for mother tongue education is already laid out in the nursery. To learn more about the Nursery curriculum for the various mother tongues, please use the following links, where the full curricula for the various mother tongues are described:

For Dutch: click here for the curriculum

For English: click here for the curriculum

For Spanish: click here for the curriculum

For Italian: click here for the curriculum

For German: click here for the curriculum

For French: click here for the curriculum

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