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Koningsspelen warming up

Konings Spelen for Nursery & Primary

On April 24th, our nursery and primary school participated in de Konings Spelen. We all started with a healthy breakfast in class, after which all pupils gathered to warm up by dancing to the 2015 Konings Spelen theme song ‘Energie’. With everybody warmed up, the games could begin!

A tug of war, a water race, a dress up race, a skippy ball race, a sack race and many other games were set up on our field and enjoyed by all the pupils in their teams. Most pupils dressed in orange for this festive occasion.

A group of students from HALO (sports academy) as well as a group of (parent) volunteers helped to guide all the groups during their activities. A big thank you to all of them for their help!

The sun came out and we all had a fun filled morning. 

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