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Practical Information

All important information about our school will be published in our school guide, which will be distributed later in the year. However, we  would like to provide you with some practical information.

If you would like to contact the school with any questions or queries, please use the following addresses:

School address:
Houtrustweg 2
2566 HA Den Haag

Postal addresss:
Postbox 64833
2506 CE  Den Haag.

Phone number:  +31(0)70 7001600
Email:     |

School management
Ms. Marianne de Graaf is the director of the school. Dr. Marinus Jonkers will formally retire after the official opening on the 11th of October. He decided to transfer his responsibilities as a director to the new management team from the first day of the school year. He will have an advisory role until the official opening. Ms. De Graaf will be supported by an office manager, Ms. Regina van Suchtelen van de Haare and a management team. The management team consists of Mr. Jaap Marsman, Ms. Charlotte Isherwood and Mr. Eugene Voorneman. In the absence of the director, Mr. Eugene Voorneman will be  responsible for daily school life. From now on you can address your questions and comments to the new management.

If your child is ill or cannot come to school for another reason, please inform the reception before 09:00, by phone: + 31 (0) 70 700 1600 or by e-mail: If a child does not come to school without informing, we will contact his/her parents.

Organisation lunch break 
During the lunch break, pupils can eat their own packed lunch or a lunch that is served by the canteen. All children will eat in the cafeteria, under the supervision of the lunch break management team. The teachers will accompany the children in the first week, to ensure that they know where to go. The lunch break for the nursery is from 12.00-12.45 and for the primary classes from 12.30-13.15.

For organisational and hygienic reasons it will not be possible to heat lunches brought from home in a microwave.

Snacks (including Birthday Treats)
All classes have a 15 minute break in the morning and a 45 minute lunch break. The pupils of the nursery have an additional 15 minute break in the afternoon. During these breaks pupils can eat a healthy snack or fruit which they have brought from home. The school does not provide water or beverages and/or snacks for this small break.

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, we kindly ask you not to bring sweets to the school, but rather healthy snacks only.

Some children in our school have a serious peanut allergy, please do not give your child peanut based snacks (such as peanut butter sandwiches). We will inform you in more detail about our nut-policy in the school guide.

Bringing and Collecting your children
From Tuesday onwards the school doors are open from 8:30 and the teachers will be in their class rooms. The pupils may go directly to their classrooms and parents may stay until 8.45. This is an opportunity to play a game, read a book, to show a drawing or to start a new project. Classes start at exactly 08:45. Please take this into account and make sure that your children are present on time and that you leave the class room at 08:45.

If your child is not picked up by you yourself or by the Zein Childcare, please inform us accordingly with a signed letter to the administration of our school.

Parents’ Evenings
Parents’ Evenings will be organized on the 25th of September (primary classes) and on the 27th of  September  (nursery  classes). The evenings will start at 19.30 and will finish approximately at 21.00. You will receive an official invitation closer to the time.

Smoking policy
Smoking is forbidden on and around the school premises.

Parents’ Participation
A school cannot function without the involvement and help of parents. In addition to participation in formal committees such as the school council, parents will also be approached to serve on other committees such as the PTA and the canteen committee, or to be involved in other school activities. 

  • Class representative. The class representative will be the liaison between the school and the other class parents. The class representative will have regular contact with the class teacher. He or she will ask for co-operation of other parents, in preparing festivities such as Sinterklaas and Christmas.

The management of the school will regularly meet with the parent representatives as well.

  • Member of the Participation Council. The MR is the formal consultative body of parents and teachers, according to the Participation Act on Schools (WMS). The school official has the responsibility to call elections and to ensure that within six months an interim MR is installed. Parents choose the members of the board for the parent members and the team chooses the members for the team members. This council is formed by three parents and three teachers from the school. The council elects a chairman from among its members.
  • Joint Participation Council. The GMR Primary Education is the umbrella participation council for all the schools of primary education of the Stichting Het Rijnlands Lyceum. Each school is represented by a parent and a teacher, both members of the MR.

  • Parents’ representative of the canteen council. This council will consist of one member of the school management, one teaching staff member, two parents and the caterer of the school. During meetings the menus and the organisation of the lunches will be discussed.

Parents who would like to present themselves for any of the above committees are kindly asked to send their application with a short motivation to  before 1st September stating which committee they would like to apply for. If there are more candidates than available posts, elections will be organised.

Kind regards,

Management team of the European School The Hague

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