Secondary Education

General Information Secondary School

The Secondary school of the European School The Hague (ESH) opened in September 2014 with S1-S3. Additional year groups are opened annually, culminating in our first European Baccalaureate in summer 2019.

At European School The Hague we aim to provide a modern, stimulating and relaxed learning environment. Our ethos and educational philosophy is to create and nurture multicultural, multilingual, responsible, tolerant and aware European citizens. If you want to learn more about our mission, please continue reading here.

Secondary School Structure

Secondary education in the European Schools lasts for a total of seven years, divided into three cycles:

Language Sections

Our Secondary school currently has three language sections: English, French and Dutch and offers the first cycle of Secondary; years S1–S3 in these three languages. In the 2015-2016 school year S4 will only be offered in English. All pupils are placed in the language section of their mother tongue or dominant language (Language I). Pupils with a first language which is not (yet) offered at the school (SWALS) are placed in the English, Dutch or French language sections.The Secondary school offers German, Italian and Spanish mother tongue (L1) education in addition to English, French and Dutch.

Please click here to continue reading about the languages we offer in our Secondary school.

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