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Traffic Trial Extended and Adjusted

After the one week traffic trial the municipality of The Hague has decided that the traffic situation has improved due to the change in driving direction and routing. However it is expected that further improvement can be made through another trial week. The trial will take place from Monday June 1st until and including Friday June 5th during drop-off and pick-up times. A small adjustment will be carried out.

  • All regular cars will no longer be guided around the roundabout, but will immediately have to┬áturn left from the Beeklaan onto the Houtrustweg (indicated on the ground plan). Only busses, taxis and staff will be allowed to turn right and park alongside the roundabout.
  • The public parking deck on the Beeklaan opposite the Hanenburglaan (indicated by the parking sign on the ground plan) offers an additional parking option.
  • The trial will be evaluated at the end of next week.

We would also like to remind you of the importance of the following safety measures on school grounds:

  • Parents and pupils entering the grounds by foot are to use the stairs only (not the ramp).
  • Cyclists are to use the ramp and should always give way to the busses in order for these to safely pass them.
  • Cyclists are NOT to cycle on school grounds, but to walk their bicycles to and from the bicycle shed.
  • When waiting for your child(ren), do so in between the coloured benches only, this is the safest place as no other traffic (bicycles or busses) is allowed there.

We would like to stress that these measures are for the benefit and security of the children. Therefore we ask you to please follow the instructions of the traffic coordinators. They are there to ensure a good traffic flow and most importantly to ensure the safety of everyone.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during the trial this past week and the upcoming week.

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