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Walk for Water fundraising

On Friday 18th March, P5 students organised a fundraiser for the Walk for Water project. Other classes and ESH staff were invited to visit the classes and buy books, crafts, cakes or toys. On Tuesday the 22nd of March the P5 pupils walked  along Kijkduin carrying 6 litres of water in their backpacks to understand what children in developing countries go through.

Between the three P5 classes a grand total of  €1125,50 was raised. The money raised will be used for  the School Sanitation and Hygiene project in Bangladesh. The funds will be doubled by Aqua For All foundation. With these funds the Max Foundation will be able to build a water sanitation complex at a “sister school” in Bangladesh. That means that, in the near future, these classmates will have safe water, separated boys/girls toilets and education about hygiene.

If you would like to know more about the Walk for Water project please visit the website:


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