ESH Secondary school pupil charter

A copy of the ESH secondary pupil charter (leerlingenstatuut) is now available here on the website. Read more
ESH S2 teambuilding

S2 team building

Working together and creating a positive atmosphere together are important aspects for a class to experience a good school year. Read more
school lunch ESH

Canteen menu August & September

View the canteen menu for the rest of August and September here. If you want to register your child for school meals Read more
activities ESH

After school activities for the new school year

We are happy to share the new roster of after school activities. You can find an overview here.

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Updated Vacancies

Updated Vacancies

Our latest vacancy is for an Italian L1 teacher (part-time). Find more information on this and our other current vacancies in Primary and Secondary here.

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Zandmotor Kijkduin

S1 students visit Zandmotor

S1 visited the Zandmotor in Kijkduin for a local geography lesson coastal erosion and to celebrate the end of the school year. Read more
S1 drama performance

S1 students drama performance

On Friday 3rd July, S1 pupils played a Drama Performance that was a complete success. Read more
Wet Play Time

Wet Play Time

The best way to cool down and have fun on such a hot day! Read more
ESH Nursery trip to Plaswijck

Nursery trip to Plaswijk Park

Nursery children had a lovely time exploring the Plaswijck park. Read more
Primary PC Elections

Primary PC Elections July 6 & July 7

The primary PC (Participation Council) or MR (Medezeggenschapsraad) in Dutch is reaching the end of its three year term. Several candidates have stepped forward and elections have been organised.

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Summer Fair 1 July

Last Saturday we had a great Summer Fair at ESH. All parents and children enjoyed the beautiful weather and all activities the PTA organised for them. Have a great summer holiday all!

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Euroclassica ELEX Vestibulum Exam

On Tuesday 16th of May the S4 Latin pupils who succesfully participated in the  Euroclassica ELEX Vestibulum Exam, which was organised by Euroclassica, have been awarded with their Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates.

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ESH students experienced Hockey Masterclass

ESH students recently experienced a ‘Hockey Masterclass’ from David Harte, Irish Hockey Captain Olympian and World's Best Goalkeeper for 2016. Our students were very proud, thank you David Harte.

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Vacancies Primary, Secondary and Staff

We are looking for new colleagues! Would you like to join our team? You can find our vacancies here

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Walk of Hope March 30

On Thursday, March 30, more than 230 students of the ESH participated in the Walk of Hope with the motto: 'Oneness of Humanity'. They walked from the International School The Hague to the Peace Palace. Read more